Murrells Inlet homes for sale might be hard to come by, but not when you have the benefit of skilled real estate professionals in your corner.

Here at James W. Smith Real Estate Company, we specialize in Murrells Inlet houses for sale and for rent. We even offer interval ownership options for interested clients.

In business for nearly 45 years now, James W. Smith has successfully placed individuals, couples and families into our many homes for sale in Murrells Inlet SC. These are beachfront properties that our clients had only dreamt about — and we make those dreams a reality.


Why search for houses for sale in Murrells Inlet SC?

If you have been to Murrells Inlet, we don’t have to say much about this wonderful place — you have likely experienced it for yourself. However, if you’re wondering what sets our Murrells Inlet homes for sale apart for other beachfront properties around the country, here are some of the obvious benefits.

  • Tranquil, serene environment: Some folks don’t like the idea of beachfront living because they automatically assume they will be surrounded by loud beach goers and a lot of traffic. Our Murrells Inlet houses for sale are removed from the hustle and bustle of bigger beaches like Myrtle Beach.
  • Sights and sounds: This is beach living — you’re surrounded by the beautiful ocean and the sound of the waves lapping against the shore. This is why people move out here! If you can’t afford to buy a house, we also have homes for rent in Murrells Inlet SC that put you in the middle of this environment.
  • Activities: Whether you’re a golfer or an outdoorsman, Murrells Inlet has everything. From hiking, canoeing, kayaking, award-winning golf courses, fishing — there is no shortage of things to do. You can extend your stay without purchasing a home thanks to our Murrells Inlet homes for rent.

Talk to the team at James W. Smith and see what Murrells Inlet homes for sale that we currently have listed. Who knows — your dream home might be waiting for you.