If you want to take in some beach life during your next vacation, but don’t want to fight throngs of people and activity, then consider our Litchfield by the Sea rental condos. We are James W. Smith Real Estate Company, and we offer individuals, couples and families the chance to enjoy a slice heaven with our rentals in beautiful Litchfield by the Sea, South Carolina.

With a rental house in Litchfield by the Sea, you get to enjoy the sunny, picturesque beaches that this area is so known for, but escape the craziness that comes with busy areas like Myrtle Beach (hey, it’s not for everyone, after all).

With James W. Smith, you can find the perfect Litchfield by the Sea vacation house and rent it to coincide with your next vacation. Each of our houses and rental condos in Litchfield by the Seas are privately owned. This means that their style and amenities reflect the tastes of the owner. This leaves you with options to find the right fit for you or your family.


The comforts of home — out on the ocean

A Litchfield by the Sea rental house provides you with the convenience of home living. We know that hotels and motels are often not as homey and it feels like you’re simply a guest.

With our Litchfield by the Sea rental condos, you can feel like you own a piece of paradise. You’ll have access to all the common amenities of home so you feel less like a visitor and more like a resident.


Secure a rental house in Litchfield by the Sea

Does a vacation house in Litchfield by the Sea sound like something that would make your vacation or getaway special? Then, talk to our team.

We can show you how to shop through our wide range of homes and Litchfield by the Sea rental condos. Get started now!