Are you considering a beach house rental near Myrtle Beach? There are many reasons to do so. To lead the way to your perfect beach house retreat, you need someone with the experience to help you make your retreat a great one.

James W. Smith Real Estate has been connecting people with their perfect beach house hideaway for over 40 years. We’ve helped clients sell, buy, and rent properties near Myrtle Beach and throughout Horry County. We can help you too!

Why a Beach House Rental?

Perhaps a better question is “Why not?” Who wouldn’t want to relax in an Atlantic oceanfront beach house, with crystals of sand just outside that are soft and white as sugar?

A beach house rental offers more intimacy and privacy than a standard hotel stay. It’s also more economical than a stay in a hotel and can save you money.

At the same time, it’s much more enjoyable. You can create memories to last a lifetime, no matter what level of experience you opt for. Whether you choose an extravagant larger house or a smaller cottage, it’s the way to go. Each option has a choice of amenities, like jacuzzis, tennis courts, pools, hot tubs, and more.

Some beach houses are even part of a closed resort and are like small communities with spas, tiki huts, water parks, restaurants, golf courses, and, of course, many kid-friendly activities.

If you’re a beach lover, a rental in the Grand Strand area is sure to please you. Lodging in a beach house brings the beach to your doorsteps while making you feel at home. The sandy shores in and around Myrtle Beach are a beach lover’s paradise.

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